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As much as we love Facebook and other social media, we believe that what we offer here is way better in terms of the potential we bring to you. When was the last time you made money just because you are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or LinkedIn? Unlike these channels, we’d give you the opportunity to make money every time you visit our channel. All you have to do is become licensed and ready to have some fund. And did we tell you that for commercial, non-QM and business loans, we can originate nationally?   

Where we do Business

We are licensed in the state of California. Here, we originate all loan types ranging from government-backed loans such as FHA, VA, and USDA to conventional and jumbo loans. We also originate business-purpose loans in the following states, including California. Let us know if you have a rental property in any of these states and we can do the loan for you. We can use the rental income or your bank statements, P&L statements, assets or tax returns. 

" We are the Amazon for Mortgage Solutions"

We’ve been helping customers afford the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do.

For the consumer, we are the Amazon for Mortgage Solutions. You know what Amazon is. You can find anything at theire website. You find products at your fingertips. Their website is user-friendly. Their delivery is swift and their service is world-class. We are the same when it comes to mortgage solutions. We have partnered up with several mortgage industry lenders. Our partners include Quicken Loans, United Wholesale Mortgage, Homepoint, Cardinal, ResiCentral, AD Mortgage, ACC Mortgage, Loan Depot, Orion Lending, Axos, etc. We offer a whole gamut of mortgage solutions ranging from products for first-time home buyers with little or no money down, to VA and USDA loans. We offer award-winning residential and commercial loans. We also offer hybrids (i.e. Non-QM loans). Now, you can get a loan using only your bank statements or P&L statements. For landlords, we can fund unlimited properties provided you have 20% equity. And you can buy even more properties by crossing equity from your other properties. 

Like what you have read? Are you working for Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Amway, WFG, facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, the Government, yourself? We don’t care where you work and we are not asking you to quit your job or gig. In fact, we want you to continue where you are and start on our platform part-time. Get your mortgage origination license and start earning money treating your friends, family, colleagues to lunch and dinner. They are your warm market. We’d pay for those lovely meals. Everyone lives in a home. They may need a mortgage solution and we definitely can help and we help them amazingly, they may want to become like us. So they will become producers and their consumers (i.e. clients) would also fall in love with what they do and would also want to get their mortgage license. You see how amazing this is? 


Not sure what kind of support Uber, Lyfyt and AirBnB offer their hosts. In fact, there are horror AirBnB stories, mine included. On our platform, we don’t have any horror stories. No one is curing you or smoking marijuana in your face. No one is getting stabbed in your home. No gunshots. No calls for the police. Nothing of that nature. Borrowers (guests) come with a great attitude, wanting you to provide them that winning solution. We have what they want. We have more than what Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase or Citibnk provide. We have all the products they have and more, and we have your vested interest at heart. We are here to make you succeed, to make sure that our platform is one of the BEST you’d ever find out there. Morever, our lending partners make sure that they meet your individual needs. 

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Meet the Best Agents

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Raj Singh

DFPI Mortgage Loan Originator

Ash Chandrahas

VP of Business Development and Joint Ventures
Melvin Camarena, Mortgage loan officer

Melvin Camarena

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator
Lingmei lin, mortgage officer

Lingmei Lin

Loan Officer

Roy Polk

Loan Officer
Benjamin Iyorah, loan officer

Benjamin Iyorah

Loan Officer & Realtor
Vasim Uraizee, loan officer

Vasim Uraizee

Loan Officer & Realtor
Paul LeJoy, managing broker, loan officer

Paul LeJoy

Managing Broker & Realtor