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We are your go-to, one-stop-shop for all your creative financing needs in Newark CA. We cater to newbies as well as seasoned wholesalers, flippers, developers, builders and contractors.

Say you found a great deal you are excited about, not only can we find you a flipper who would pick it up from you but we can also fund both you and the flipper. We may even fund your earnest money deposit should you need that to happen. You can do an assignment of contract and charge a fee to be paid in escrow or we can do an A to B to C funding. To close the A to B side of the transaction, we employ transactional funding. For the B to C side, we use either hard money, if you are selling to an investor, or traditional funding if you are selling to an end-buyer.

Here’s an example:

  • Your Price: $600,000
  • After Repair Value (ARV): $900,000
  • Your Price to Flipper or End-Buyer: $650,000
  • Transactional Funding Fee: 1.75% of $600,000

You can proceed this way or simply have the flipper or end-buyer pay you $50,000 in escrow. Just to let you know that should you need us to come in and do the A-B-C deal, we will be here for you.

We know the flipping business like the back of our hands and we can gladly say that we are the real estate flipper’s best friend. Allow us, therefore, to be your one-stop shop for all your flips. And for seasoned flippers we may be able to fund 100% of your purchase and 100% of your rehab costs. Here’s how and why.

Using the same deal we listed above, we can fund 90% of the $650,000 ($585,000) and 100% of the rehab. Let’s say the rehab is $100,000. That makes a total of $685,000, which is only 76% of the ARV. That’s an easily fundable deal. And let’s say you don’t have the 10% gap you need to fund the down payment, we may be able to arrange that too with one of our private money lenders or from one of our institutional capital partners. 

Take a Look at This Summary

*   Up to 90/100/80

*   Preferred terms for repeat borrowers

*   No bank statements

*   No sourcing of funds

*   Gap allowed

*   No tax returns or income verification

*   No reserves required

*   No liquidity minimums

*   No max exposure

*   No Pre Payment Penalty

*   Stated Personal Financial Statement

*   Wholesale up to 10-20% of contract price

*   Interest reserve may apply

*   Min profitability applies (deal must show a profit)

*   12 month term, free 3 month extension

And for those of you who are seasoned builders, look no where else. If you know your stuff and we can verify your track record, then we will become best friends, especially if your shovel-ready project is owned free and clear. But we’d also fund 100% of your construction costs even if you don’t own the land outright. We’d arrange funding for up to 50% of the acquisition cost and get you up to 100% of the construction costs.

Up to 0/50/100/80

*   0-50% of the acquisition costs

*   100% of the construction costs

*   80% of After Build Value

*   Interest reserve may apply

*   Preferred terms for repeat borrowers

Oftentimes projects are delayed because property owners don’t have the funds to pay contractors for one reason or the other. Oftentimes, there are unforeseen circumstances that result in increased costs. Arguments and discord ensue and the project lags. We are quite familiar with all this and that’s why we have partnered up lenders who can solve this problem. No longer do constractors have to penny pinch with property owners. No longer do they have to wait for property owners to fork out the money for the materials and labor. We have lines of credit that cater to this need. Now, you as the contractor, can start the project immediately: Get the materials, hire labor and get rocking righ away. Now you can finish projects in lightning speed with precision and efficiency. And now, you can do multiple projects at once. Now you can become a true pro and have people and money working for you. Isn’t this life you have always craved? Now, we have you situated. Excited and ready to start BEING that pro? Then call (844-806-6639) or click here to fill out this form to contact us today.

You may be one of those people who hate debt. We know what it means to be burdened to make payments every month. It hurts especially if a project is delayed for one reason or the other. Perhaps the City is taking too long to approve your project. It may be the architect, the structural engineer or the surveyor who is the roadblock. It may be the weather or some other force majeure. Who knows? If you have to make those hard money interest-only payments, you may go insane. That insanity goes away when you are backed with deep-pocketed partners. You brng the project and they bring the money. If you are a seasoned, conscious and diligent partner, you could have your path paved in heaven. If your project is awesome, we have an awesome joint venture waiting for you.

We have some development experience and we know this can be one of the most lucrative trades to be in. Imagine 200-500% returns of investment of your time and/or money. What if you put very little down and have the seller carry the bulk of the purchase price. We can help fund the acquisition and the entitlement and even the interest.   

Up to 50/100/80

*   50% of the acquisition costs

*   100% of the entitlement costs

*   80% of After Entitlement Value

*   Interest reserve may apply

*   Preferred terms for repeat borrowers