Data Policy

In today’s society we are bombarded by marketers who buy data from sellers of consumers’ personal information. No one enjoys to get a call from a stranger when they are, say, in the middle of dinner. As a company, we have access to our clients’ very private data such as their social security cards/numbers, the drivers licenses/numbers, date of birth, home addresses, places of employment telephone numbers, email addresses, bank statements, mortgage statements, etc.

It is our policy at The Money Market, Inc. never to divulge and/or sell such data to third parties who are not involved in the loan process.

Data Security

Identity theft is a huge problem for consumers and the firms that serve them, such as The Money
Market Inc. In the U.S., it is reported that 7% of adults — roughly 15 million — are victimized each year, with total losses of more than $50 billion. U.S. firms spend another $50 billion a year on identity-theft-prevention measures. We take steps to ensure that any personal information in our possession remains secure. Our loan originators and loan processors understand these safeguards and how to detect and prevent potential threats, as well as ensure data privacy.

Cloud Input and Storage

We collect clients’ data via our secure website, Consumers enter their user ID and password to access our digital 1003 where they input their private data. The
1003 is stored on the cloud and only authorized loan officers and/or processor have access to the files, which are all protected with user IDs and passwords. Hardly do we print our any 1003s. If needed, the applications are uploaded onto Dropbox and shared with our clients. These
documents are also shared with our lenders using their portals. There’s no need to print anything.

No need for documents to lie around for strangers to see.