Are you a real estate agent?

How Would Your Life Be Different?

Imagine how different your life would be if you had all the money you needed to run your business.

  • You'd advertise more.
  • You'd send out postcards and flyers on a consistent basis
  • You'd dine with clients regularly
  • You'd take vacations and enjoy life more
  • You'd spend more time on yourself, your family and your friends
  • You'd be healthier

An Ocean of Clients

We are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime. We are offering you our platform, the amazon for mortgage solutions, to reach out to the ocean of clients, some of whom you’d never ever thought of reaching out to such as the self-employed business owners who flood your neighborhoods in strip malls, shopping centers, gas station owners, restaurant owners. We offer you a slew of mortgage solutions for these types of buyers as well as your traditional W2 people. Now, you can have clients on a consistent basis and not have to rat race like most agents do, competing for the few potential buyers and sellers. No more spending your precious dough on leads that do not work, leads that are shared with half a dozen other real estate agents. You will offer solutions to business-minded people, solutions they thought might not be possible at historic low-interest rates such as our award-winning bank statement, P&L, debt service and asset depletion mortgage solutions. 

Perpetual Income

And for those who love our system, we give you the opportunity to become an Uber for Mortgage Solutions, but better. After all, you already have a real estate license. Why not get your NMLS license, too? You could obtain it within a month or two.  That license would definitely open new doors for you. Based on what we teach, you could reach the moon. You will treat every client with utmost respect and dignity, and perceive each and every one of them as a potential associate. You will transfer to them the same knowledge you will gain from us and they will become your associates. They, in turn, will do the same to their sphere of influence and so on. You will have money working for you and not vice versa. That’s how you’ll be able to regain time, your most precious commodity. 

With us, you will have a mountain of mortgage solutions for all types of clients, some of whom will become your associates, and you will be able to make money on demand and even in your sleep. 

The chart below explains it all. You were once working for someone. You got paid for your time, which is not bad. If you were well-educated, you probably got paid well. But you decided to quit your job, which you had, seeking freedom. Then you got your real estate license and starting working for yourself. This time, instead of having a job, you owned one. Unless you became a superstar agent, you may have regretted leaving corporate America. In Corporate America, you had a job. Now, as a real estate agent, you own a job, or should we say the job owns you. This is the problem with many self-employed people. It’d have been better if someone else paid the bills. It would have been better if they kept the job in Corporate America where they are guaranteed a salary every 2 weeks, get health care benefits, stock options, sick leave, maternity leave, vacations, all paid for. As a self-employed person, you have to work for every penny you make. 

If that has been the case for you, it shall be no more. Now, you will become a true business owner. A system owner. You will gain all the knowledge, have access to all our lenders and amazing technology and support. You will make money on-demand, just like Uber and Lyft drivers do, but much, much better. You will be able to do business no matter where you are and you don’t even need to be in the United States of America. You could be in Hawaii or Alaska, Beijing or Buenos Aires. You could be in a suit or pajamas. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to own a car, a clean driver’s license, insurance, and an unexpired license plate. None of that. You don’t have to meet your clients in person. You could meet on Zoom, Good Meet, or Blue Jeans. 


Now, we are talking about true business, the stuff we all crave. You will leverage people. People will work with you. People are looking for money. Money to buy a home or an investment property. Business people are looking for money to grow their business. You will provide the solution and teach them to do the same. How deep and far you want to go will all be up to you.

Now, all you have to do is get the NMLS license, if you don’t already have one, and see your life change for the better. Guaranteed! You can taste the future and the possibilities it offers even before you get your NMLS license. Send your current clients or you new clients our way now and see what we can do for them and you, of course. We are building an enthusiastic society of mortgage solutions entrepreneurs and providers.

And the opportunity applies to all business-minded people: gig workers, small business owners, just about everyone. And it’s HUGE because everywhere you go you see real estate. Everyone has something to do with real estate. If they don’t own, they rent. Most owners have a mortgage. If their rate is not good, we offer them something better. In a strong sellers’ market, they have a ton of equity in their properties. They could tap into the equity and go buy another property or two. or invest in tech stocks or cryto currency. They could take a vacation or two. They could buy a BIGGER home or build one. They could send their grandkids to college. We get them the money. And for those who own small businesses, we get them the money to run their businesses and enjoy their American Dream.

We get money for tenants who want to be homeowners and if they don’t qualify now, we show them how to make money by becoming licensed and joining our system.

Looking for a true gig economy, one on steroids? This is it. The Money Market.

We help you build a foundation with the right tools & services.

Where do I sign up? You say.