Reverse Mortgage Solutions

A reverse mortgage solution is a great way to live a good life in the latter part of your life here on Planet Earth. A reverse mortgage solution is particularly awesome in a strong sellers’ market such as we are in now. We have seen home values increase since February 2012 and in some parts of California, those values have tripled. Now, homeowners 62 years and older can avail themselves of the equity in their homes and take as much money out as is permissible and not have to worry about making any monthly mortgage payments. If this is you, then we strongly encourage you to call or email us today and see how we can create this wonderful solution for you. You deserve to enjoy the rest of your life here on earth like never before. Use the money to take excellent care of your health and wellness. Travel and see places you have never seen before or go back to those you enjoyed visiting. Help your grandkids with their education. Give to charity and change people’s lives. Give to the poor and needy. There’s just too much to name. But it’s all possible. 

Non-QM Loans

Bank Statement Mortgage Solutions Newark CA

You may be deposited a ton of money into your personal or business bank account every month. However, when tax season comes, you show very little and if you live in an expensive county such as those in the San Francisco Bay Area, you most likely not qualify for a mortgage. Well, we have good news for you and it's not what you think: We don't need a hefty down payment from you, In fact, keep your money and simply bring just 10% of the purchase price as your down payment. We may be able to use 100% of your personal bank account deposits or 50 to 85% of your business bank statements, depending on your type of business. Do you see how this increases your chances to purchase a new property or refinance one that you may have? You can use our bank statement mortgage solution for either your personal residence, second home, or investment property.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Mortgage Solutions

If you are a landlord or want to be one, we don’t need your tax returns if you are not that proud of them. And who should blame you? It’s your money, so keep most of it. However, if you want to buy a new investment property in Newark, CA all we require is 20% from you and a rent survey of the amount of rent that your investment property would generate on a monthly basis. If you own an investment property that you’d like to refinance, all we require is that you have 20% equity in it and that you are getting rental income. In some cases, we can tolerate a ratio of less than 1. Use our DSCR mortgage solution for your investment properties in Newark, CA.

Stated Income Mortgage Solutions

If you have a ton of equity in your home and have excellent credit, we would be able to assist you in getting some money out of your property or refinance your current rate and term to take advantage of the historically low interest rates.

A Whole Range of Mortgage Solutions for The Self-Employed

There are millions of self-employed, small-to-medium-sized business owners across the United States. These include realtors, insurance agents, contractors (builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc.), taxi, Uber/Lyft and truck drivers, accountants, lawyers, restauranteurs, landlords, and owners of all types of businesses. These people may make a lot of money but also deduct a ton of it. These people need to buy and/or refinance properties, too, and get equally good rates. We have some great solutions. Profit and Loss Mortgage Solutions Our profit and loss mortgage solutions are great for borrowers who do not qualify for our full documentation and 12-24 month bank statement mortgage solutions. If your bank statements don't look good for the combined 12-24 months but your business has been good for the last 3 months, then our P&L mortgage solution may be your solution. In this case, we'd need your bank statements for the last 3 years as well as a CPA or Enrolled Agent letter certifying your P&L

Asset Depletion Mortgage Solutions

So you are loaded. You have a ton of money in your bank account or retirement account. You want to buy a new home or an investment property. You make an appointment to see a mortgage banker at your local bank. You have a very good, long-standing relationship with the bank. However, to your surprise, the mortgage banker says that she can't help you get a loan because you are not working. Not so with us. We care that you have the funds, the reserves to sustain you for several months, 36 months at least. We will use the funds you show us. They will be divided by 36 months and that'd be your monthly income, which we will then use to determine your debt-to-income ratio and the amount of loan you can qualify for. 

This type of loan is great for those who have lost their jobs or business and would like to sell their properties in high-cost areas and relocate to low-cost areas, provided they have a ton of equity in the departing property which they can use as reserves when they purchase a new property in the low-cost areas or out-of-state properties.